Monday, February 7, 2011

The Birthday Ball by Lois Lowry Review

The Birthday Ball
by Lois Lowry
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Synopsis: Princess Patricia Priscilla is bored with her royal life and the excitement surrounding her sixteenth birthday ball. Doomed to endure courtship by three grotesquely unappealing noblemen, she escapes her fate-for a week. Disguised as a peasant, she attends the village school as the smart new girl, "Pat," and attracts friends and the attention of the handsome school master. Disgusting suitors, lovable peasants, and the clueless King and Queen collide at the ball, where Princess Patricia Priscilla calls the shots. What began as a cure for boredom, becomes a chance for Princess Patricia Priscilla to break the rules and marry the man she loves.

The Birthday Ball by Lois Lowry
Review by Me
4 Squees/5 Squees

This book was incredibly cute. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It was for a younger audience then what I usually read, but the storyline was pretty cute, so I decided to check it out. I read this in one sitting and loved every minute of it. Princess Patricia Priscilla was super adorable and lovable from the start. I love that the whole book starts out with her being bored and wanting to fix her boredom. Lois Lowry did a great job with her characters and each one was distinct and enjoyable. I loved the personalities of the suitors. Each was very unique and highly over the top, which made them very entertaining. I also enjoyed the growing relationship between the servants and the relationship between the princess and the teacher. All in all this was a great children's story and I know girls of all ages will enjoy this one.

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