Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Has An Interwebz!

We finally got our internet hooked up!!! I'm so excited. My goal is to get my Etsy store up tomorrow afternoon/early evening.

I just realized I never posted yesterday. I had youth choir last night and then my hubby and I helped out at the Teen Afterglow and we didn't get home till almost 2am.  I am very sleepy to say the least.  We had a blast last night and I'm extremely happy to be at Cathedral and to be involved with such great ministries.  I leave for camp a week from tomorrow and I'm SUPER stoked! At this point, I've decided to not have a guest blogger for the time I'm gone, I think I'll just update you all with a daily photo or a little mobile post. 

We're babysitting my nephew right now and his parents should be home soon. I'm ready to go home and go to bed. We have a semi-early morning tomorrow and lots to do.  I'm an extremely sleepy Manda.

Alright this is all for me today.

Catch ya later.

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