Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Need Me Some Interwebz.

Still using this dodgey internet connection. It seems to work best late at night and super early in the morning.  I can't wait till we can get our own service.

We had church again tonight. It was pretty good. We took 2 of our old youth kids with us. I really miss them. They're such good kids.  We have church again tomorrow night and then youth choir and afterglow on Friday. The preacher this week has been talking about your goals and dreams and not letting anyone get in the way of them. I've talked about my calling to work with youth before in this blog. I'm sort of feeling like right now I'm supposed to hang out and do what's asked of me and just be involved with the youth group and the kids.  It's all about being a good influence and a positive adult in their lives for me anyway.  I really have a heart for kids and youth.  I'm thankful that God has given me a husband that is the same way.

Ok well it is SUPER hot in this room. I need to get a fan for in here ASAP! Off to read a bit and go to bed. I finished the 1st Sookie Stackhouse book this morning. I'm going to start the second one now.  Still no book counts for you. I really need to find my notebook and update it. Grrr.

See ya tomorrow! (Hopefully this internet at night thing keeps up.)

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