Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Like Having Friends

We had church today. I did nursery for the 9am classes, and then went to 10am service. The nursery kiddos are SO cute! Church was good. Pastor Price has been preaching on some GREAT stuff lately! I'm super happy at Cathedral.

After church we went to lunch with the Lafons.  Nate and Amy are great, and their kids are adorable!

We had a little rest time and then it was back to church to help get stuff ready for camp next week. I addressed and stuffed a ton of envelopes.  I'm super stoked for camp! YAY!

I'm really tired now. We had a super busy weekend.  I'm going to try to make some tutus this week and help with more camp stuff.  Then Sunday morning I'm off to camp till Friday night.  Busy Busy Busy!

I still haven't found my notebook to check up on my book stuff. Yikes! I'll try to find it tomorrow. I promise. *wink* haha

Ok I'm off to bed! See ya tomorrow!

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