Tuesday, December 15, 2009

But I'm from LA!

Spent the day at my mom's school today. Her Kindergartners are SO cute. They say the cutest things in the cutest little voices. Like the following...

So there is this little African American girl and little African American boy. The girl turns angrily to the boy and yells, "You are not my brother!" He then throws his hands in the air and cries, "But I'm from LA!"

I really don't know what him being from LA had to do with anything, but I was laughing so hard.

After school I helped with my mom's drama team, since they have a show on Friday and aren't very good. I realized I miss doing theatre and I really sort of like directing it. Even though the kids don't take direction well, they really seemed to get what I was telling them and followed what I said. My mom said I might be able to get paid to help teach a summer drama class with her this year. That would be really cool I think.

In other news, my feet hurt, my head hurts and I'm so tired. This is why I choose to stay at home and live on the interwebz everyday. :)

Till tomorrow...

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