Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Word Nerd Alert!

I spent all day today reading!  I literally only left my room twice, to go to the bathroom and to eat.  I'm reading Goblet of Fire and it's awesome.  I really love Harry Potter and I think my love for it has grown since I've become more aware of the world that revolves around Harry Potter and things related to Harry Potter.  Oh man I am becoming even more of a nerd than I already am.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve!  I've already told you my plans so I won't write it again.  Friday is the start of my resolutions (if you want to call them that).  I'm going to continue writing in this everyday and I'm going to be reading everyday and recording that I finish in a notebook.  My goal is to read atleast 50 books by October 31st. Then I will be super prepared for NanoWrimo.  Atleast I hope so.

Ok off to read somemore of Goblet of Fire and then off to bed.  I have Alex again tomorrow and when Mikey gets off work we're heading to Flagstaff, where there is no internet.  So I'll have to remember to post in the morning.  Oh man I just realized I won't have internet Friday while up in Flagstaff. I'm not so sure how I am going to be able to post on New Years. That will be a bad way to start my resolution. Off to figure that out.

Till tomorrow!

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