Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Addicted to H2O

It's official, I'm addicted to water. Haha. I drank the equivalent of 16 glasses of water today. That's 128 ounces. That's the one thing about getting healthy that I don't have any problem with. I can happily drink tons of water, no problem. I'm not really a big soda drinker, we definitely never have it in the house. We only drink it sometimes when we go out.

I made Black & Gold burritos for dinner tonight. They were delicious! I'm going to type up the recipe tomorrow and add it to Sparkpeople. 

We went for our second 30 minute bike ride tonight.  We're doing that 3 times a week and I really enjoy it.  It's something we can do together and it's a good way to lose weight. 

I decided today that we're going to keep up our healthy eating and working out, so that by December we'll be skinny again and we can take some awesome Christmas pictures.  Yay for a healthier and happier us!

I'm reading Possessed by Kate Cann. I'm about halfway through it. It's pretty good so far. I'll probably finish it tomorrow sometime and put up a review.

Alright off to read a bit and then go to bed!  See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Hurrahy for healthy living...

  2. I HATE water! But lately I've been forcing myself to drink more water and I wish I had done it sooner! I don't get headaches anymore for one! And it makes me feel sooo much better through out the day. It's amazing how much water can change your health!