Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Didn't Do Jack Sh*t

That title is compliments of my husband. Haha. I asked him what I did today and he said that.

Actually I did quite a bit today. We went to Michael's and Hobby Lobby and I bought a bunch of ribbon and a bunch of tulle.

I made 2 tutus and a couple of bows.  One of the tutus is light pink with a pink polka dot bow and the other is hot pink and black with a pink and black leopard print bow. I also made 2 hair clip bows to go with them.  The pink one is for a little girl at my church and the other one is for me to wear to camp.  I had a lot of fun making them. :) I'll take pics of myself tomorrow in my tutu and bow.

I have one more tutu to make before camp! YAY! I'm excited to give the pink tutu to the mom tomorrow. I hope she likes it! AH! 

Yup that's what I did today. Oh and ate a really yummy lunch, that wasn't so nutritious....oops. We didn't eat dinner though, so I figure it evens out.

Ok I'm off to bed. Have to get up for church in the morning.

I'm going to leave daily bad girl till tomorrow.

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  1. Oh husbands... they never do jack shit... lol.