Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Review- Gone by Lisa McMann

In Gone,  we meet for the final time with Janie, main character from Lisa Mcmann's Wake Trilogy.  Like in the first two novels, Janie continues to find herself pulled into other people's dreams. She has to finally make a decision, stay with Cabel and meet her fate head on, or isolate herself and escape from her gift.  Things take an interesting turn, when a stranger enters Janie's life, and she learns that things aren't as simple as she thought.  She must decide between two lives that both have unsatisfactory futures and she must decide soon.

I read this whole trilogy and I feel in love with it from the beginning. The ideas in the Wake series are new and exciting, and I have never read anything quite like them.  Gone is just as great as the rest of the series, and I think Lisa McMann ended the story well.  I did not feel like there were tons of loose ends to be tied up and I felt a closure that you don't get with many trilogies.  The pain and struggles that McMann presented with Janie and her gift were very well written and realistic.  I also enjoyed the fact that Janie had more going on in her life than just her gifts and she was a real girl going through real life things.  This trilogy as a whole is amazing and Gone definitely did not disappoint.  You will find a quick and easy read with these books, but a story that is deep and breathtaking.  I feel that making these books any longer than they were would have just drawn out the story and not have made it what it was.  I highly recommend these books and I know almost all audiences will enjoy them. 

Disclosure of Material Connection: I got this book from my local public library! I can say whatever I want. :)

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