Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day One: 5 Days of Limited Internet

I started myself today on internet withdrawal. For the next five days (until Monday), I'm only allowing myself about an hour over internet a day.  That's time to update my blog, check Facebook comments, and check my e-mail. This might not seem like a big deal, but I spend almost my WHOLE day online.  I spend hours and hours staring at my computer and wasting brain cells.  I'm going to spend my time catching up on my review books and doing other things.

Today wasn't bad. I checked my e-mail and Facebook this morning, at lunch time and then just now. I only spent about 10 minutes on each time. I found myself wandering though and wanting to be on more than that. I may have a problem, haha. 

During the time away from my computer, I read 3 books.  I finished Wicked: Curse and then read Gone.  I put up a review of Gone in the post before this one. It was really good.  I liked the Curse better than Witch.  It wasn't as demonic and the writing was actually a bit better.  I also ended up reading How to Be Popular. Another good one from Meg Cabot.  I mostly just have her series left to read. Those are a lot of books though.

So, there is what I'll be up too for the rest of the week and this weekend. Lots of reading and doing internet-free activities.  Tomorrow is my hubbies last day of work for the week! YAY for three day weekends and paid vacation days!

See ya tomorrow.

Current Book Count: 57

Today is "Why, Yes! I Will Have a Margarita Day."--Happy Cinco De Mayo

Random Blog of the Day: Sanza Blog..also titled Abundant Blessings. Super cute family.

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