Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh I'm a Tired Manda.

The music survey thing this morning was interesting. Listened to 7 seconds of 350 different songs and had to rate them. It was pretty tedious, but I got money.

I made the 3 tutus for the order my friend made. I just finished them a little bit ago and I'm exhausted. I wrapped all the tutus I've made for other people up all pretty and am delivering to 3 little princesses tomorrow.

The wrap job. 

The little tags say Manda's Pretty Little Things and then have For: Princess (child's name)The little bow is a hair clip that matches the tutu.  Aw man...the cute factor kills me.  

We also went and saw Shrek Forever in 3D at Imax. It was pretty funny.

Man what a busy day. No wonder I can barely keep my eyes open. Geesh.

Ok off to bed.  Another busy day tomorrow. Yikes!

Random Blog of the Day:  RuFF Housing...this guy makes pretty sweet graphic art. :)

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  1. Where did the music survey come from? Did you have to go there or do it online...I love your is very special.