Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Annual Avenger's Day

Today was the first Annual Avenger's Day. We went to Hero Comics and bought some Marvel comics on sale.  I got 2 Captain America comics. One of the is the cover that inspired my Captain America for President shirt.  I also got a special edition Grimm's Fairy Tales.  Pretty exciting for me. Teehee.

We also went to the Twilight Farmer's Market. I was highly disappointed. I'm from the East Coast and this was nothing like the Farmer's Markets I grew up with.  There was only about 10-15 booths and only like 2 of them actually had veggies and farm products.  I was very sad.

Oh I finished the first book in the Jaguar Stones series. It was great. My review is in the post prior to this one.

I started reading another book. It's something I got from the library. It's much more..."romantic"... then I was expecting. I'm going to finish it anyway because the storyline is actually pretty interesting. I know...that sounds like I'm saying I read playboy for the articles.  Haha, but seriously, it'd be a pretty decent book if the author lowered the smut level. I won't be sharing the title can look on my 100 list later if you're super curious.

That's about all for today. I was super naughty and had chipotle for dinner. Oh man SO bad for me. AH!

This is a pic I found today of me when I was about sixteen. I was SO skinny!!! Look how cool and athletic and healthy I look. This is what I want to look like again! This picture is my inspiration and my goal for the next 6 months.

Alright, that's all for today. See ya tomorrow.

Today is "Only Say Nice Things to Yourself Day." Because your Inner Bad Girl knows that being self-critical all the time is not terribly effective.

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