Thursday, January 7, 2010

Arg the Pain!

Migraines suck!

Had another migraine today.  I think maybe it's the apple juice I've been drinking. That stuff is so good though. So sad.

Anywho making chicken and onion rings for myself since the hubby is at Turtle's.  I'm glad he has somewhere to go every week and people to hang out with. I wish I had that.  I'd even be happy with a book club.  I need kids so I can go to Mommy and Me groups. haha.

I'm still reading Order of the Phoenix so I'm not even going to put my book count since I feel like a failure right now.  I think in my book journal I'm going to keep track of the number of pages I read. That might make me feel a little better.

So yeah going to eat dinner and read HP till my hubby makes me go to bed.

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