Monday, January 11, 2010

Chugging Along

I spent today catching up on my reading. :)

I finished Order of the Phoenix! I really don't think these books are as AWESOME as everyone says, but they're pretty good. They're just long. I like all the Dumbledore's Army stuff. Good reading.

I'm taking a break from Harry Potter till Friday when I can get the last two books. I'm going to read some non-potter books till then.

I read and finished The Actual Real Reality of Jennifer James today too.  I flew through that one pretty quick.  It was obviously very teen geared, as it was a teen book, but it was pretty good. I read it from beginning to end with only a break to eat dinner. It was written in journal form what made it interesting.  A recommended read for those who like the teen genre.

I also started reading Uglies. It seems interesting so far. I'm going to go rest my reading brain for a bit and watch some tv.

Current Book Count: 3...I feel a bit more accomplished!

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