Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meant for Each Other.

I'm going to start this post with a little antidote from today.

I've decided my husband and I are definitely meant for each other (not that I didn't already know this).  We were leaving Wal-Mart tonight and this lady stopped in the middle of the entrance to the driveway to wait for us to pull out. We had just walked up to our car. At the same time we both said, let's take our time.  Haha.  We are definitely perfect together.

I started reading Half-Blood Prince today. It's good so far. I'm a little over 100 pages into it. This has been my favorite movie so far, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy the book.

Other than that I just helped my mom with a yard sale and didn't do a whole lot else. I did get a bunch of books to add to my growing pile though!

My bestie is here so we're going to hang out tomorrow. :) Hopefully I have some fun little kid stories to write about tomorrow. Evan always comes up with the best stuff.  For instance, he just laid there fighting sleep for the last half hour singing to himself and repeating random statements from Mikey's video game.  I couldn't help but smile.

Off to bed or something.  Catch ya later.

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  1. Good reading choice!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog this week. I have something for you here.