Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cell Phones, Movies, and Ice Cream


I'm finally home from Flagstaff.  I had a blast, but it's good to be home. I missed my puppies, my bed and my interwebz. We played lots of Rockband and Guitar Hero and had some good bestie bonding time.  I rock at singing in Rockband. :)

Mikey and I went to the outlet mall on the way home today and I bought another book to add to my stack. I figure if I'm going to read 50 books I have to own 50 books right? Shut up and let me enjoy my addiction.

We went and saw Sherlock Holmes tonight. It was pretty good, but a bit drawn out.  I love Robert Downey JR. He's amazing. 

Funny story from the theater:
So we were watching the preview from some movie whose title I can't recall.
Girl 1 sitting in front of us: "Did they even have cell phones back then?"
Girl 2: "Yeah except they were connected to the wall."
Now you have to take into account that the movie took place in 1986. She said BACK THEN! I was a year old in 1986. The girl said it like it was a hundred years ago.  Ridiculous.  I love people sometimes. They're so failpuppy.

Anyway on that note I'm going to eat my ice cream and stare at my new shoes. Aren't they awesome!

Current Book Count: 0...Fail.

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