Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gotta Catch Them All!

We went to Bookman's today and I bought a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Blue.  Man I am so cool.  I've been playing it non-stop for the last 5 hours.  I don't know how I've lived without ever playing this game.

Before going to Bookman's and drowning in my new Pokemon obsession we went and looked at the house Turtle is trying to get.  It's ok I guess.  A lot better than the other one.  It's got a really strange layout, but it's not horrid.  I'm going nuts with this whole roommate issue.  I won't get into it on here in case there are roving eyes.

Anyway, I love Pokemon!  In case you missed that before.  Haha.

Off to sleep and rest my brain.

Oh and I didn't read at all today.  I'm bad.

Night Interwebz.

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