Sunday, January 10, 2010

You are not in Kansas anymore. You are on Pandora, ladies and gentleman.

We went to Radius Church this morning.  Jeff preached on the ten brides and being prepared. 
The 5 reasons we may be unprepared are:
1. Laziness
2. Too Busy
3. Pride
4. Lack of forethought
5. Over dependent

I really like this sermon and it got me thinking.  What things in my life are size of being lazy, busy, and prideful?  Good food for thought.  I'm up for going again next Sunday.

We wandered around Desert Ridge for a couple hours afterwards and I read part of Wintergirls.  I didn't finish it so I can't count it yet.

We saw Avatar at Imax3D and it was pretty sweet.  Definietly had a native americans/cowboy vibe, but it was good nonetheless.  The 3D was awesome. It made you feel more in the story.  It was pretty long though, about 3 hours.

Ok off to continue Order of the Phoenix.  I know, I'm really close to finishing it though.  

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