Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February.

Well It's officially been a whole month of 2010.  My year of blogging and reading is already one month down.  I've read 12 books so far and I've written everyday.  I'm pretty awesome.  In celebration of getting through my first month I'm going to tell my non-existent readers a little about myself.

  1. I love to read.  Ok so you may already know this, but I don't think you understand the extent of my book obsession.  I own a very large sum of books (I plan on counting them when we move) and I've read a very large number of books in my life time.  I used to go to the library as a kid/teen, check out 30 books and have them all read in about 2-3 days.  I was a maniac. I still sort of am this way.  I read 12 books last month (a couple of them were Harry Potter). I am a freak.
  2.  I love people.  I love watching people in real life, reading about people, and knowing about people.  This sounds strange and it probably is.  Since I was a kid, I've always loved people watching.  I'd sit somewhere in public and just watch people go about their daily lives.  I think this is why I love Vlogs and Blogs so much.  I'm able to delve into peoples lives from the comfort of my own home. My favorite quote on this obsession is, "Yes, I'm listening to you and you may end up in my book".  I've come to realize lately my ability to pick up on people and who they are and what they are up to is partly do to my writer's mind.  I told my husband recently, "I'm not creepy, I'm just analyzing Human interaction for my novel".  OK I'm a little creepy.
  3. I get really obsessed with things for a short time and then never think about them again (at least not for a couple months). Examples of this; Neopets, Gaiaonline, Tumblr, Runescape, SIMS, Harvest Moon, Watching shows/movies online, Internet Killed Television, etc.  I tend to get really obsessed and spend hours and even days doing one thing non-stop and then all of a sudden not caring about it anymore.  The worst is when I all of a sudden months later want to start up where I left off.  I did this with Dexter. I really wanted to watch all the seasons.  I watched it straight for 2 days and now I really have no desire to watch it anymore.  Weekly tv shows are really bad for me because most of the time I stop caring half way through a season. This tends to creep into my reading habits, that will be part of my challenge this year. ARG.
  4. I'm really a little kid at heart.  I love kid shows, kid games and especially kid books.  I love the Disney Channel, coloring, and online rpg's meant for kids.  I know I'm a loser.  You don't have to tell me.  I've felt better lately realizing there is a whole community of adults online who love YA novels as much as I do.  At least I'm not alone.
  5. To follow on that last one, I get a long better with the 12-18 age bracket then I do with people my age.  I don't know why that is and sometimes I worry about myself, but whatever.  I really do want to write YA novels and I actually really would love to be a Youth Pastor again.  The Pre-teen/Teen years are such an impressionable time in a persons life and I like the idea that I can encourage positive growth. This quote basically sums it up, "In a world that is so busy, and demands so much of all of its inhabitants, young people need a secure environment, where they can experiment and decide who they want to be. They need significant people to be there to help them through this process. They need role models to follow."  I strive every day to be this person.
That's enough delving into the Manda psyche for today.  I hope you feel enlightened.  I feel like maybe I'm wasting space on this blog since I don't write long insightful posts everyday.  This is me.  This is who you get.  Hopefully I'll get better as time goes on.  That's the point of this anyway, really.

Oh and I finished reading Rebel Angels today.  It was awesome.  I wrote a review on YA Books Central. I really don't feel like writing another one.  I'll put a link to it here.

Alright off to watch Bones. :)

Current Book Count: 12

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  1. I love the way you are just simply telling us about you...faults, quirks, whatever...I have just started blogging and I envy you your are a character...and in this world of cookie cutter everything...that is a fine thing to be...continue on...