Tuesday, February 9, 2010

That Book Was Total Crap.

Just got back from the book club.  It was fun I guess. The women are a bit older than me and really quirky, but it was fun.  The book we read for this week was utter crap.  It was horrible and everyone agreed.  The plot wasn't that bad, but it was poorly executed and badly written.  The facts were far from being factual.  It was obvious that the author did zero research before sitting down to write this book.  The smut factor was very high in this one, but even that was poorly written.  I'm not going to say the title of the book here because at least she wrote something and got it published. I never want to bad mouth another writer. That isn't what this blog is about.  If you're really curious about the book you'll know what it is if you read yesterday's post.

While at Waldenbooks, I saw they had a $1.00 calendar sale so I picked up a desk calendar called "Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bad Girl" (censored for the kiddies.)  I though this was pretty funny, so I've decided to end each post with the advice for that day.  It may be quotes, advice, reminders or even things to think about.  Sounds fun right?  I may go back and edit in the ones we've missed so far this year.  I haven't decided yet. Oh if you're a male reader, I'm sorry.  Feel free to skip over these add-ons every day or read them and delve into the female psyche.  Yay something to look forward to every day!

I really didn't do much else today except stare at Twitter and read a little of Eclipse.  I think I'm officially addicted to Twitter.  Follow me @Manderiffic.

Oh and I caught up on Life Unexpected!  It's this new show on The CW and if you've been keeping up you know I love The CW.  Some of the shows I'm not that into, but since this ones new I decided to check it out.  It is amazing!  I'm pretty sure this is my new "feel good" show.  Now I have something to watch on Mondays.  Between that and Vampire Diaries on Thursdays, I'm good on shows.  Once we catch up on Bones I'll have to work that in too. I can't wait to have cable again and dvr.  Sigh....

Well that's about it for today. See ya tomorrow!

An Inner Bad Girl Reminder: Use your beautiful things every day.  Wear your nice clothes, set the table with the good plates, drink from a crystal glass. It's important to treat yourself well, because it sets the standard for everyone else.

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