Monday, February 15, 2010

I Wish the Sledgehammer in My Head Would Chill Out.

I have the worst headache right now. Oh man.

I did a lot of cleaning today. I'm super proud of myself.  The kitchen is all clean and shiny, I did laundry, and I washed our sheets and blankets.  Man I am awesome.  I don't know why when I get my mind set on it, I love cleaning.  Most of the time, I hate to clean, but once I get on a roll I can go forever.  I also love the smell of bleach.  It just gives everything that super clean smell that you can't get with anything else.

Tonight was a new episode of Life Unexpected.  I actually was able to catch it while it was on TV.  I'm awesome like that.  I still love this show.  Lux is really starting to come into herself and if I can make a prediction I think she's going to start fitting into school better and may leave her old friends/life behind.  Wow that was a long sentence. This is definitely a show to keep an eye on.  I realized last night that since I'm so bad at keeping up with all my old favorite shows, I'll just start watching new ones. For example, the new season of Gossip Girl is about to start and I have no clue what the last episode I watched was.  I'm pretty sure I didn't see any of the last season.  Oh man.

I'm almost done reading Extras.  I should finish it tomorrow morning.  Look for a link to my review tomorrow. :)  I'm going to be starting Shiver tomorrow.  I'm excited.  I've been a good girl and haven't tried reading it while reading other stuff.

Well that's it for today.  I'm going to take some meds to make the Sledgehammer stop pounding.

Once again, your Inner Bad Girl wonders when we'll have holiday sales in honor of a woman, or a bunch of women. (Happy Presidents' Day).

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