Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Thursday!

I just got done watching the newest episode of The Vampire Diaries. It was awesome like always.  I feel so bad for Damon.  :(  I read the books and the show sort of follows, but it is very loosely based on the books.  It makes me wonder though if Elena is going to die soon.  Damon gave her his blood and he keeps talking about her becoming a vampire.  I wonder I wonder I wonder!

Other than that I spent most of the day finishing Eclipse.  Even though prior to this read through I couldn't really remember what happened in this book, I've decided it's my favorite of the series.  A lot of people didn't really like it, but I love the love triangle.  I'm also Team Jacob so I love his envolvement in book three. I started on Breaking Dawn.  This is only my second time reading through it and it's pretty great so far.  The wedding scene had me squeeing.

Ok I'm off to keep reading!  I hope our tax money comes tomorrow! I need money! There is a charity book sale on Saturday with 600,00 items for sale. I must go to this!  I need money!

See ya tomorrow!

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Inner Bad Girl Food for Thought: Imagine the kind of earth-shattering changes that might happen if women actually supported one another. Can you say "No more glass ceiling"?

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