Monday, April 12, 2010

Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging

 Hi there! I'm back! Did you miss me?

That was a long couple of days without an OFFICIAL daily post. Read-A-Thon went great! I had a blast.  I had a great time chatting with everyone on Twitter and loved all the lovely cheers and comments I got.  The mini-challenges I did were really fun. You can go back and look at my 2 posts from the weekend to see everything that happened with the event.  I'll definitely be doing it again in the fall and I hope you'll be joining me!

I'm super sick still. The ear infection and strep throat are still running their course. I'm not really any worse, but definitely not any better.  I have lots of Nyquil and Chloraseptic drops to get me through.

Nothing else that exciting to tell you. I've just been hanging around being sick and feeling sorry for myself.  I went to the library during the read-a-thon and got a ton of books. I read Wish by Alexandra Bullen and posted a review. It's in the post before this one.  I also got The Iron King. I plan on reading and reviewing it it this week and then reading my e-book of The Iron Daughter and reviewing that too. Don't hold it against me if I don't get those done. Remember I'm a sick Manda. :(

Ok I'm off to read Airhead by Meg Cabot. I'm almost finished with it. I sure do miss the library. I think I'll start going there more.

See ya tomorrow.

Current Book Count: 43

Toxic Niceness goes by many names, but no matter what you call it, the major symptom is that everyone else gets more out of our lives than we do. Getting in touch with your Inner Bad Girl is the cure.

Random Blog of the Day: My Life with Dogs... It's a dog/family blog and it's cute! I want to have kids so I can start my family blog.

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  1. Aw, being sick sucks! Hope you get better soon and enjoy your books.