Thursday, April 29, 2010

Migraines and Frustrations.

I spent all day today in bed with a migraine. I'm really getting sick of being sick.  I need insurance so I can go to a neurologist or something. My migraines are getting harder to fix and are lasting all day. No fun.

I am totally over debating immigration with people. I hate the fact that having a different opinion than someone else makes me uneducated and ignorant.  Belittling people is not a way to get your point across.  If your opinion is different, isn't it then your job to persuade people as to why they are wrong. Not a single person has persuaded me.  No one has said anything to back up their opinion and most of the time they just tell me I'm uneducated instead of responding to what I've said. It's irritating and I'm over it.

Well I'm off to bed. I'm super exhausted and still don't feel great.  I may or may not go help at my mom's school tomorrow. I haven't decided yet.

See ya later.

Today is "Surprise Yourself Day." Do something unexpected.

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  1. What was your opinion on immigration that got shot down?