Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I can't think of a title about my day. So you get that. Rawr is I love you in dinosaur. Did you know that? Teehee.

I'm still reading Book 5 of the Daughters of the Moon series. It's about Stanton. I like him a lot. He's awesome.

Today Nate, the State Youth Director, asked me to be a counselor for kids camp.  I really want to do teen camp, since that's my calling and where I do best, but I told him I'll go where he needs me.  I guess I can make kids camp pretty epic.  I'm wild and crazy enough when it comes to kids stuff to make it awesome.  I convinced my friend Meagan to do it with me. We're going to have a blast.  I'm super excited now that I've decided I'll make it fun. 

I had book club tonight.  Nothing too exciting to report. Those ladies are so great. We had a really heated and lengthy chat about all kinds of stuff tonight. I enjoy going there every other week. I don't know what book we're reading for next time. It's around here somewhere. It's something by Christina Dodd. I think Trouble in High Heels. Yeah that one.

Nothing else to report.  I played neopets a bunch today. I know...nerd. Shhh don't tell. It's bad for my rep. haha. I'm trying to convince people I'm mature and grown up.

Alright, see ya tomorrow.

An Inner Bad Girl Fashion Tip: It's probably not a good idea to go shopping for clothes when you're experiencing PMS. Shopping for chocolate, on the other hand...

Random Blog of the Day: Pecasflynn....yay for family blogs! (I have yet to come across a book blog. This is no good.)

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  1. Sounds like a good day...and camp will be fun....