Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Re-caps, Sidewalk Chalk and Tutus

I'm not going to edit yesterday's post. I just don't feel like it. LOLI'm going to leave it the way it is and just make this a double post.

I watched my nephew the last two days. He is super adorable.  I got him saying some pretty funny stuff. He told me his new dance move is the clap and wiggle...I may or may not have put this idea in his head.  Whenever I say, "whose the silliest boy I know," he yells, "MASON!"  We played trucks and watched Little Bear for two day straight. I can probably go forever without watching an episode of Little Bear ever again. HahaI do now have an obsession with the show The Fresh Beat Band.  I totally want to be on that show. If you've never heard of it, you should check it out. It's made for Pre-schoolers, but I am totally hooked on it

We made videos on my phone today for my friend Sara. They were so cute. In my favorite one, Mason kept saying Hey Giiirrrlll. It was hilarious.

So that was my last two days. Racing trucks for hours on end and watching Nick Jr. I really didn't do ANYTHING else.

Right now I'm working on 3 red tutus for my mom. She's going to use them for head dresses for her flowers in her play at her school. I've finished one and have two more to make tonight. It's already 11:55pm. I'm going to be up for a while.  I'm going to catch up on my shows while I work.

Oh I forgot I finished Fade! I can't wait to read Gone. This is a great trilogy. 

Ok off to finish working so I can go to bed. I'm exhausted. Catch ya later.

Current Book Count: 53...I need to remember to update all my book lists tomorrow.

Taking Care of Business, Inner Bad Girl Style: Sometimes success is more the result of follow-through than of luck.

Inner Bad Girl Food for Thought: If you put "eat chocolate" on your to-do list, the chances are good you'll get at least one thing accomplished.

Random Blog of the Day: Random Dafydd... Pretty interesting blog. Lots of brainy stuff to read.

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