Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I had a nice, relaxing lazy day with my hubby today.  We played Lego Star Wars II almost all day.  This is the first game we've come across that we can actually play together and not end up screaming at one another. To be perfectly honest, I'm complete rubbish when it comes to video games.  I'm really bad at steering characters, and I have horrible aim.  In this game though, I actually do alright.  We got through about 9 or 10 levels and had a great time playing.  I can't wait till he gets home from work tomorrow, so we can play some more.

I also finally finished reading The Iron King. You can read my review in the post prior to this one.  Since I wasn't completely in love with the first book, I'm going to hold off reading my e-version of The Iron Daughter till closer to it's release date. 

I started reading Book 4 in the Daughters of the Moon series. I actually like this series so far, so I'm going to keep getting them from the library and try to read them all.  I'm going to spend this week reading my library books and I might read one or two of my review copies, depending on their release date.  Since I'm basically done with my 12 books for this month, I'm going to just read whatever I feel like this week. 

I'm still sick. Today hasn't been that bad, even though my throat still hurts.  I should be back to normal in the next couple of days.  It's getting really hot during the day lately, which isn't helping me feel comfortable and relaxed. I really don't like Arizona heat.  Give me snow and rain any day.

Alright, I'm off to read some more and spend some time with the hubby before bed.  See ya'll tomorrow.

Current Book Count: 47...1 more to go. :)

An Inner Bad Girl Relationship Tip: The best way to avoid romantic dead-ends is to ask yourself "What am I thinking?"

Random Blog of the Day: Of Brown Sugar and Skinless Fingertips! The heading of this one says, "you take life too seriously. I intend to change that." Sounds good to me.

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