Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Love You. I Know.

We just got done watching a documentary on The Original Star Wars Trilogy. I love watching stuff like this with my hubby.  We're such big nerds. Sometimes we enjoy movie extras more than the movie itself. 

I finished reading Trouble in High Heels. I really enjoyed it. Good book club book this time around.  I started reading Jonas Beautiful Dead by Eden Maguire. It's interesting so far. I'll most likely write up a review when I'm finished with it.  I was going to read two of my books I got in the mail yesterday, but both were the second of the series, so I had to request the first ones from the library. I'm on hold for both of them. So, when I get those and read them, then I can read the ones I own.  It's all good though. I still have a decent pile from the library that I really need to finish first.

I feel super cute right now. I braided my hair into pigtails and have on my favorite shirt and my new necklace. It's a lot bigger than I thought and the chain is cheap, but it's still cute.  You can check out the necklace at the link above.

I received my first hate mail today. It wasn't exactly "hate", but it wasn't pleasant.  I don't mind e-mails like this. If it makes the person feel better about themselves to put me down, go ahead. I'm a strong person. Please remember though, if you are going to insult someone, even if you think you are doing it "nicely", think how it makes you feel. Do you feel better about yourself belittling people? Does it make you feel good?  Thumper in Bambi says it best, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".  Also, most of the time, if someone did not ask for advice, they probably don't want/need it. If you are reading someones blog, you probably don't know much about them personally, so don't assume you do.  Eh, enough of that. This person and e-mail don't deserve any more thought. 

Ok I'm off to watch my Star Wars stuff and read before bed.  See ya'll tomorrow.

Current Book Count: 50....half way through my challenge!

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."-Native American Proverb (Oh this would have been great for yesterday's post.)

Random Blog of the Day: The Terrills...guess what? It's another family blog! *Shocked face*


  1. You got hate mail? Ugh, not worth your attention.

  2. Manda...I am so sorry about your email...I mentioned you and your blog in my post yesterday because of how much you helped me with the techy part of blogging...just delete that mean email...and go get another butterscotch coffee...hee hee hee...