Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review - Wish by Alexandra Bullen

In Alexandra Bullen's debut novel, Wish, Olivia Larsen is starting life in a new school and a new city.  The reason behind her families big move is not what most would expect.  Last summer, Violet, Olivia's twin sister, passed away.  Moving to San Fransisco is a fresh start for Olivia and her parents, but not necessarily the start Olivia is ready for. When a visit to a seamstress brings her three wishes, Olivia can't help but wish for Violet back.  With her sister by her side again and two more wishes to make, Olivia has to learn to live life and take things as they come. A tale of sisterhood, loss and living life to the fullest, Wish is more than just a fairy tale.

I really enjoyed this novel.  I decided to read it solely on the fact that it had a pretty cover and the synopsis sounded like a fun and relaxing, Young Adult read.  I was pleasantly surprised when I was immediately drawn into this story and had a hard time tearing myself away.  For the most part it's a funny and bubbly story of young love, fairy tales, and magic, but there is also a bit of a tear jerker and some emotional times.  The characters are lovable and enduring and you will absolutely adore Olivia.  She has this amazing charisma and personality that makes her an fantastic lead character.  I was expecting major fluff and a quick, easy read and I got so much more.  I can honestly say that Wish is up there with my favorite books so far in 2010 and I can't wait to read more from Alexandra Bullen. This has been an amazing year to date for YA novels and Bullen's debut novel, Wish, is among the bests.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I got this book from my local public library! I can say whatever I want. :)


  1. I also love this cover. Great review, I am adding it to my wishlist as we speak.

  2. This looks great! I have wondered about this book. Nice review.