Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Group Story Time

I spent all day today on neopets. I know I know. What else is new?  We wrote a story together as a guild. It's pretty funny.  Every body contributed a paragraph.  I'll try to separate it that way and I'll bold my contribution.  If you don't want to read it, skip down till the font reaches normal size again.

 It Started With A Sneeze

Once upon a time there was a farmer, lets call her Farmer Sneezy. Farmer Sneezy was a good farmer when it came to animals. However her sneezing problem caused her to get rid of the seeds. She decided to call her brother, Farmer Grumpy, to ask for his advice. Farmer Grumpy lived on the other side of Neopia and did not like phone calls. She sat around for a while and debated to call her brother. Farmer Sneezy picked up her phone and dialed her brothers number......... 

'Farmer Grumpy picked up the phone. "What do YOU want?" he demanded. "Well," Sneezy started. "I have a problem. I can't quit sneezing... and I think it's something in my crops. I really need your help!" "You're an IDIOT!" Farmer grumpy exclaimed. "You are probably just allergic to the dust in your keyboard. GET OFF FARMVILLE!" 

Farmer Sneezy's feelings were hurt by the mean things her brother had said After being disappointed by her brother Farmer Grumpy, Farmer Sneezy called yet another brother Farmer Dopey, when Farmer Dopey answer the phone he was quite confused as of who was on the other end of the phone. After trying to explain for 30 mins who she was Farmer Sneezy gave up and called the local Doctor whos name happened to be Doc. 

When Doc finally answered the phone, Farmer Sneezy sneezed into the phone before she could talk. "Ahhh, the common sneeze. Just roll up some tissue, drop a few drops of vinegar, and stick it in your nose. That should do the trick." Farmer sneezy thought this was odd but she just said "thank you" and hung up. 

Shortly after her conversation with Doc, Farmer Sneezy went off to the nearest store to grab some vinegar. After buying the vinegar she ran home, sneezing the whole way there. She hurried into the kitchen, grabbed the vinegar and put a good amount onto the tissue. "Hey, that actually worked! I should call Doc and thank him after I put this vinegar up!" she said excitedly. So, she goes to open the cabinet to place the vinegar into, but she was in such a hurry that she knocked something out of the cabinet...BAKING SODA! 

"Oh dear", she cried, while watching the baking soda create it's own little mushroom cloud. Suddenly, the vinegar in her nose started to tingle. She'd inhaled some of the baking soda. In an instant, her noise started fizzing and an elementary school volcano made its way out of her nasal cavity. After riding out the strange burning sensation happening in her head, Farmer Sneezy realized she had created the neatest party trick ever.

Farmer Sneezy was so impressed with the small volcano party trick she felt the need to share it with her neighbors. She raced out the door, forgetting the vinegar and baking soda in close proximity to each other, sitting on the rickety shelf above the sink. "I bet Mr.Cabbage would get a kick out of this" she exclaimed as she raced through the nearby woods. Suddenly a rather worried looking cybunny burst from the brush. A small golden watch in its right paw. "OH" she exclaimed falling backwards. before she knew what was happening, the ground fell beneath her and she fell into a large black cavernous hole. She felt as is she were falling for eternity. Finally she landed with a soft thud on an astro turf like surface. Opening her eyes, She was confronted by a strange sight. A field of Pink lenny, playing Polo with a youyoo. 

Running up to the one of the pink lennys she asked, "What is this place, and where am I?"Looking at her in amazement the pink lenny said."Well my strange looking friend you are in Funland. Where pray tell are you from? Ignoring the question Farmer Sneezy looked around not only on complete confusement but also in amazement she had never seen a place as wondrous as this suddenly she spots the little cybunny with the gold watch. "Tell bunny how do I get back to my home I must show my friends my new party trick that I can do with my nose,vinegar and baking soda?"The cybunny looked at her then looked at his watch "Oh dear Oh dear Im late Im late Im late!" Exclaimed the cybunny and scambered off. "WAIT!!" Farmer Sneezy replied. Farmer Sneezy was getting edgy, she wanted to return home. 

This "funland" seemed strange and creeped her out a lot. She continued walking and saw a huge mushroom, next to it was a sign that said "the sneezing shroom". "I wonder why its called the sneezing shroom?" Farmer Sneezy thought to herself. Farmer sneezy wandered down the path following the signs for the sneezing shroom. She looked around she thought to herself. 'I'm certainly not in Kansas anymore' she clicked her ruby red slippers 3 times and ended up back on her far. She looked around very confused, her house was filled with the suds from the vinegar and baking soda. "I think i need to call Farmer Cleany to help with this 

And suddenly... everything grew very hazy. Farmer Sneezy let out one big sneeze that blew so much air out of her nose, it lifted her off the ground, and she soared through the sky, laughing the whole way. She landed with a thud, inside of a gate in a city somewhere. There was a large building to her left so she wandered inside. In the door, there were many tiny men singing about chocolate. They all matched with orange skin and green hair Running up to the funny little guys she asked, "Where am I now?" The strange little man said, "You're on Cloud Cocofantic!" Farmer Sneezy was kinda excited about all the chocolate but kinda worried about her mess back home. "Funny little man." She said "Can you take me to your leader? I really need to clean up the mess that is in my house." "Sure!" the little man said, "Follow me!" Farmer sneeze followed the sad, strange, little man to a row boat. 

When all was settled, the boat began to move. It got dark. Then the boat would move up, and down, and back and forth. Then, all of a sudden a blinding light appeared from no where She walked into the light, and heard her name being called. She opened her eyes "That was quite a fall" said a woman in red. She smiled, and realized the ending didn't matter, it was all a dream....

Haha that was great. Sorry that was so long, but I wanted to post it here. That's about it for today.  I'm off to bed.

An Inner Bad Girl Diet Tip: "Nobody's last words have been, 'I wish I'd eaten more rice cakes.'"

Random Blog of the Day: Highway Five ...a great UK Music blog!

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