Friday, March 12, 2010

Honey, I Would Love You No Matter How Much Money You Found.

I finished reading Cupcake today. It was really super cute.  I definitely recommend it.  Rachel Cohn is an amazing author.  She writes very humorously and her characters are great.  I started Very Lefreak, which is her newest book.  I can already tell it's going to be just as good, if not better.

I finally fixed my photoshop and I learned some more cool stuff I can do.  It's really addicting to play with and I barely know how to do anything yet.

It's Friday! Which means I get my hubby for the next two days! I love the weekends! We finished watching Season 3 of Bones. We need to go buy Season 4 ASAP! Even though Zack is gone, I still love this show!

Well, it's been another boring day in my world. I tried to get a bunch of reading done.  I'm going to read more of Very Lefreak before bed.  I still have three more ARCs to read after that. I have to crack down, I'm way behind on reading this month.

See ya tomorrow! :)

Current Book Count: 27

An Inner Bad Girl Reminder: When we give in to Toxic Niceness, everyone else gets more out of our efforts than we do.

Random Blog of the Day:  Say The Heart of Life...I can't think of anything to say about this one. There are some pretty cool videos up. :)


  1. How are you getting so many Arcs...I am not doing enough of the right thing...I love your is really getting booky and professional...

  2. Lol..ok,gotcha! Dropping in from coffee shop, and yeah, i could do with decent book reviews,so will be checking yours out every now and then.
    Oh,i'm at:...
    ,so drop by mine too.