Thursday, March 11, 2010

Suckers, Cheetos and Safety Helmets

I watched Haydon and Destiny today.  They are super cute.  Haydon is getting so big.  He's walking completely and talking a bunch.  He kept yelling my name whenever I left the room he was in.

Great Stuff from today:

We ate lots of suckers, I felt like a kid again!

Destiny got very protective of her cheetos.  Funny thing was she never noticed the bag was ripped and everytime she turned she dumped some on the floor, which her Haydon was picking up and eating.

Haydon has this awesome rocking horse and every time he got on it he'd put this lid from one of his toys on his head.  He looked like he was wearing a helmet.  It was adorable.

I was downstairs and heard Paige yelling for me. Everytime she yelled Manda a little voice yelled Danda! after her. Haydon is so cute!

Oh for my readers who don't know, Destiny is four and Haydon is eighteen months.

Ok that's enough kid chat. :)

I got another book today!  It's Very LeFreak by Rachel Cohn. It's by the same author who wrote the book Cupcake that I'm currently reading!  I plan on finishing that one tonight or in the morning.  I need to read all the ARCs I've been sent!

Ok that's all for tonight. See ya tomorrow.

Today is "Make Peace with Your Body Day." No matter what shape it's in.

Random Blog of the Day: Zeman's Musings...Writings with a passion, purpose and principle.  Dave Zeman is a singer songwriter. He writes song lyrics on his blog and puts up videos of him performing some of them.

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