Monday, March 1, 2010

I No Likey!

We're watching Resident Evil right now. I've never seen any of the movies. This is way too freaky. I don't like it!!! *tear*

I made bbq chicken today in the crockpot, it was yummy. That's about all I accomplished.

I won't tell you I played neopets and I won't talk about Facebook. Teehee.

I really have nothing to write about. I still feel kind of sick and right now I'm super tired.

I'm still reading Dark Prince. It's pretty good, so far.  Ok I'm out of here. Hasta Manana.

Your Inner Bad Girl wonders which month is going to be designated "National White Men's History Month?" Oh, wait, they already have the rest of the year. (Erm...if this comes off racist, it's from the calendar. I'm not racist!)

Random Blog of the Day: Jeremy's African Adventure ...this guy is in Africa right now setting up a rescue center for children at risk.

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