Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm In Nerdy Manda Heaven!

I'm babysitting my favorite kiddos right now.  I sent the oldest next door to spend the night with his friend and the youngest is in bed. Man this is an easy job. Haha.  I love these two kids so much.  I only get to see them every so often because they live so far away, but I love when I do get to see them.

I got four books from Egmont today. Since I'm not at home, I can't tell you titles.  I'll post them up tomorrow.  Be looking for reviews for all four in the next couple of days! Yay free books!!!  I'm in nerdy Manda heaven. Haha.

We went to Tempe Marketplace today and I went to visit my friend who owns a teashop there. It's the cutest little place and I love going there.  Again, I wish I lived closer so I can go there more often. We went to Barnes and Noble too.  Even though I refuse to buy books from big chains like that, I still like to look around.  I moved some Maureen Johnson and John Green books into more viewable areas. Haha. I'm awesome!  Nerdfighters!!!

That's about it for today.  I can't post Daily Bad Girl since my calendar is at home.  I'll post it tomorrow since the page for Saturday and Sunday are the same.  Loopholes rock!

See ya tomorrow!

Random Blog of the Day: A Beginning of Life ...Erm it's not in English, so I have no idea what to say about it. However, to keep in the spirit of the game I have to post it. Maybe you'll understand what it's about. :)

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